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About Us


We are an Eco-Friendly GRAPHIC DESIGN BUSINESS. We are an Environmentally Conscious company that gives honest ADVICE in both GRAPHIC DESIGN and PRINTING areas. We are always looking for the best result for the project and for all involved in it. We also TEACH OUR CLIENTS how to use associated SOFTWARE PACKAGES enabling you to develop your knowledge and sense of design.


1. We provide HELP in any GRAPHIC DESIGN WORK that you require. We specialize in doing layouts from conceptualization to completion such as: NEWSLETTERS, ANNUAL and OTHER REPORTS, NEWSPAPERS, MAGAZINES, FLYERS, LEAFLETS, BROCHURES, CATALOGUES, indeed EVERYTHING that INVOLVES PRINTING and DIGITAL DESIGN. In addition any CORPORATE IMAGE JOB such as: LOGOS, BUSINESS CARDS, LETTERHEADS, COMPLIMENT SLIPS, FOLDERS. Basically we are here to help with any project or WEBSITE that requires or needs to be presented to a professional standard.

2. In our courses, we TEACH 3 main DESIGN ADOBE CC PROGRAMMES, such as: PHOTOSHOP – you will learn how to manipulate and retouch images; INDESIGN – you will learn how to lay out, organize and distribute the image and text boxes creatively and be able to design any kind of artwork that involves more than 2 pages; ILLUSTRATOR – you will learn how to trace and do freehand drawing without being an expert in drawing, and illustrator tools will facilitate the work to a professional level. You will LEARN ALL THE BASICS TO DESIGN without depending on others, you will BE ABLE to do it yourself. 




ABZ DESIGN will work with you to to complete the project and this will save you 1.MONEY – 2.ENERGY – 3.TIME. The reasons why you haven’t finished the project could be many but the most common ones are, people don’t have enough TIME or SKILLS to DO IT so it is going to take forever to solve issues arising from it, so this will cause lots of STRESS and FRUSTRATION, so it is QUICKER and HEALTHIER for you to contact the professionals and this is where ABZ-DESIGN can help you. Our specialty is ANYTHING that involves ARTWORK, LAYOUTS,  WEBSITES and BASICALLY any GRAPHICS WORK. If this is you we are the people for this job.

ADOBE CC Programmes

You will learn 1-3 of the BASIC DESIGN PROGRAMMES of ADOBE CC. Are you ready to KICK‑START your CREATIVITY and be able to do any graphics work? Discover SOME of the MOST IMPORTANT PROFESSIONAL TIPS when designing whilst doing the work, you can learn all these AMAZING PROGRAMMES and SKILLS in a personalized, quick and easy way. What you will learn in the 3 programmes:


  • PHOTOSHOP – Manipulation and Retouching of Images.
  • INDESIGN – Working with different Artworks and Layouts.
  • ILLUSTRATOR – About digitally Tracing and Illustrating.



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I hired Bibiana as a Freelance Designer to set a newsletter we publish. Since then she has been working with us on each monthly issue for the last 3 years plus. She is a pleasure to work with and is a great member of our publishing team. (SPANISH) Contrate a Bibiana como diseñadora Gráfica Freelance para diagramar y diseñar nuestro Boletín de Noticias SBLP que nosotros publicamos. Desde el 2015 hasta ahora ella lo ha diagramado y diseñado mensualmente. Es un placer trabajar con elay es un gran miembro de nuestro equipo SBTF PUBLISHING LTD.
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Bibiana is the kind of person you can really enjoy to work with: is a hard-working, talented, very enthusiastic...knows how to work under pressure always with a smile. A great person and professional. (SPANISH) Bibiana es una persona muy cálida y realmente puede tener un tiempo muy agradable trabajando con ella: ella es muy trabajadora, talentosa, entusiasta, es una gran persona, es muy profesional y sabe como trabajar bajo presión con una sonrisa.
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I enrolled as a student in several courses at Richmond Community College with the intention to develop my computer design skills. At the college, Bibiana was my formal teacher of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Illustrator, as well as my Web Design teacher. I found Bibiana a driven and well organised professional who develops inspiring relationships with her students. And she accomplishes this with great initiative and with a positive attitude. After I finished the college courses I was inspired to continue to develop my skills with Bibiana as a private tutor. She is an unfailingly helpful and patient teacher, and I feel fortunate that I’ve had the amazing learning experience with Bibiana.
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I had the pleasure of being taught at Richmond Adult Community College by Bibiana in 2012. I always found her teaching methods to be concise and very easy to understand. Bibiana always went out of her way to help students to comprehend all aspects of the study and always maintained a calm friendly approachable stance at all times. Bibiana always encouraged creativity and co-operation in all her students. All the students, including myself, appreciated her passion and enthusiasm for teaching. I will highly recommend taking any course that Bibiana is teaching.
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Great teacher & Graphic Designer. Bibiana was my graphics teacher in college she was great as a teacher I learned a lot from her that's why I also worked with her when I was at university and she helped me with my professional portfolio. (SPANISH) Gran profesora y Diseñadora Gráfica. Bibiana fue mi profesora de Gráfico en el colegio, ella es una muy buena profesora, aprendí mucho con ella y esta es la razón por la que trabajé con ella en mi portafolio cuando estaba en mi último año de universidad para entrar a la vida laboral y el año pasado cuando cambie de puesto.
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I highly recommend the teaching that Bibiana provides. Bibiana helped me to understand Photoshop 3D in great detail and I am lucky for being her student at the Richmond Adult Community College in 2014. She is a very helpful person at every stage of work to try and find the best outcome. (SPANISH) Super recomiendo a Bibiana como profesora de diseño. Bibiana me ayudó a entender y manejar toda la parte de Photoshop 3D en gran detalle y además fui muy afortunada en ser una de sus estudiantes en Richmond Adult Community College en el 2014. Ella va para por paso ayudándote para obtener el mejor resultado en diseño.
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You are a brilliant teacher. (SPANISH) Ella es una profesora brillante.
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I cannot recommend ABZ Design enough to anyone who is interested in learning the Adobe Creative skill sets, including Photoshop and InDesign. Bibiana's patience as a tutor and her expertise in using those very skills gave me the confidence to design and create publications for both personal and commercial uses. She also has a very generous heart. From taking her classes and private lessons, I've gone from feeling intimidated by Adobe's InDesign and Photoshop software to producing confidently a newsletter and an interactive colour magazine targeted at decision-makers in the international media and entertainment industries. Her professionalism, unquestionable expertise and enthusiasm are highly recommended.